Lockout Tagout Software

One-of-a-kind Lockout Tagout Management

The Lockout Tagout tool makes the procedure and tag creation incredibly simple with built-in templates and the ability to upload existing documents.

Simplify your LOTO process.

  1. Easily tie procedures to JHA’s or Training for one-click access.
  2. Streamline with built-in management tools to ensure your records are easily accessible on any device.
  3. Save time and frustration around lockout procedures, tags, and records.
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Key Features:

  • Build Procedures in a Simple Template
  • Upload Images with Each Step
  • Image Editor to Highlight Uploaded Images
  • Upload a Drawing with Each Procedure
  • Tracking for Procedure Revision and Audit History
  • Automatic Tag Creation and Label Printing
  • Procedure Copying/Cloning
  • Multiple Search Filters
  • Email Notifications and Reminders for Procedures Audits
  • Classroom vs. Hands-On Training Statistics Tracking


Get a look at some of the key Lockout Tagout features & capabilities

我们的软件可以帮助用户友好的乐透彩票p your company take a more green, paperless approach to information sharing.

What our clients are saying

“Over the last 3 ½ years we’ve been working exclusively with BasicSafe for our lockout-tagout database. One of the very nice features is that it will trigger tickler output when it’s time to review the procedure to ensure that everything is the same on that procedure as it should be. Plus, you want to ensure that when your employee is working on that piece of equipment, the lockout-tagout procedure is marked correct and is correct, and that it’s very simple to use. (BasicSafe) is so simple I don’t know why everyone isn’t using it.”

-John Coulter, EHS Manager, JR Simplot Food Processing



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