BasicSafe joined with EHS Hero in February 2021. BasicSafe is a scalable, web-based system that streamlines environmental health and safety (EHS) workflow management. EHS Hero delivers actionable information that gets straight to the point and helps you make educated decisions while complying with regulatory requirements.

The functionality of EHS Hero’s applications are enhanced by a core set of tools called the “Virtual Assistant” suite, which includes:

  • A database for digitally storing Policies and Procedures;
  • An Action Management tool that allows safety managers to increase accountability through the assignment of tasks;
  • Planner/Scheduler that sets recurring reminders to ensure teams meet critical compliance deadlines; and
  • A Reporting tool that allows managers to track key performance indicators across applications.

Whether you are an EHS professional, a CEO, or a maintenance worker, we are dedicated to making your life easier through the use of our software.


Managing all the necessary paperwork for audits, training and incident reporting can be overwhelming. BasicSafe makes a difference for its clients by streamlining document management and enhancing transparency across organizations. BasicSafe has built a track record of EHS management success over more than a decade. In that time, we have empowered organizations of all sizes to protect their workforces by streamlining their processes and allowing employees to take ownership of their own safety.

Kaiser Aluminum

Proactive Incident Tracking

Kaiser Aluminum, an aluminum producer with 13 plants, needed a simple way to manage safety for all of its sites from one location and track incidents across the company.

They implemented BasicSafe across their sites to centralize safety efforts and help its corporate office find an easier way to manage and track incidents. Employees are now in the habit of reporting even minor issues, which can help the company identify bigger problems beneath the surface.

Purity Zinc Metals

Secure, Digital Safety Document Storage

Purity Zinc Metals, a metal dusting manufacturer, needed a secure, digital system to store important safety documents and streamline its processes for audits and job safety analyses. The company began using BasicSafe in 2012 and now relies on the system to manage employee performance as well as safety.

The company uses BasicSafe’s action management module to reward employees with a quarterly bonus for identifying hazards, encouraging them to take initiative when it comes to workplace safety.

Timber Products

Streamlining Safety Audits

Timber Products wanted to streamline its OSHA inspection process and make company safety records more accessible. The company implemented BasicSafe to manage its safety records, training, audits and procedure manuals.

Now, when an inspector needs to find information, it’s easily searchable on the BasicSafe integrated safety database. It has also developed a customized process for the voluntary audits it conducts through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program using BasicSafe’s audit management software.

我们的客户are saying

“BasicSafe has not only gone the extra mile to meet our safety software needs at Timber Products, they have gone 10 more miles with us helping us to transform our safety program from good to world-class! The friendly professionals at BasicSafe are helping us to track what really matters—the leading indicators in safety, such as reporting all incidents, training completion and knowledge retention, follow-through on corrective actions, and audit results. The safety dashboards, custom tracking and trending tools and lightning-fast access to all of our important safety documents will help our over-tasked safety coordinators to better leverage their time.”

- Mike Hill, Safety Director, Timber Products

“The BasicSafe safety management software has given us several new avenues to measure our performance. One example is theaction management module, which has allowed us to track specific projects and make sure someone is responsible for following up on them. We can easily see all files related to the project, comments and the history of our actions related to it so we know it’s getting done.

- Cory Edwards, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Purity Zinc Metals

“With BasicSafe’s auditing tool, I can audit by supervisor. I can audit by observation. If a supervisor has not done audits, you can tell. I’ll walk on the floor and if I see someone is fidgeting with their PPE because they saw me coming, that’s an indicator they weren’t wearing it or weren’t wearing it properly.”

- Jennifer Rudy, Corporate Safety Manager, Swanson Group


What will we need to utilize EHS Hero in our facility?

For the standard subscription running from the EHS Hero data center, any Windows, Macintosh or Linux-operated machine running modern versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Management Tools may operate successfully with other web browsers, but the system has been tested with versions of the browsers listed above. The computers will need connectivity to the internet to access the BasicSafe cloud data center.

Can EHS Hero customize the software to fit our needs?

Yes, we can provide customization, where necessary, to nearly every client we serve. The level of customization you require may impact the solution you select. Customization that can be used by all customers is typically provided at a lower cost than customization that is proprietary to your company.

Can the Management Tools be integrated or linked to other systems we have?

Linking or integrating the Management Tier to other customer systems is possible and has been done in several cases. This work is done on a custom basis and must be evaluated to determine viability. EHS Hero Management Tools have been integrated with Windows Authentication (LDAP), JD Edwards, and Datastream.

EHS英雄有一个简单的方式加载我们的em吗ployee records at startup?

EHS Hero has a CSV upload feature that allows you to load your employee records directly to the database. You may choose to use this upload feature as frequently as you feel necessary. EHS Hero also allows your employees to enter and maintain their own employee records as long as they have the appropriate permissions.

Are there limits on how much we can build and store?

There are no limits on thenumberof files you can store on your EHS Hero site. There is a limit of 5MB on thesizeof individual files that can be stored. This file size limit is set to optimize users' time to send and retrieve files. This file size can be adjusted for special circumstances.

If we choose to use EHS Hero, where do we start?

We will work with you to develop an implementation plan for your operation. We can tell you what we have seen work and what does not. The final choice is yours, but we will work hard to help you build the best plan for bringing tools to your operation in an orderly fashion so your employees can get the information needed to work safely.

Are there safety experts to help me?

Support personnel have significant expertise and experience in operations, engineering, and programming. We work to understand the needs of hard-working safety professionals who are on the front line in an effort to improve employee safety. We then turn those needs into usable software to help solve problems for these individuals. We are not safety experts, yet we have extensive experience, background, and problem-solving skills to assist safety experts in the areas where we excel and add value for them.



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